MyTVToGo Mobile App

MyTVToGo and TV2Go is a multi-platform app that lets you watch live TV shows and movies from around the world for FREE! Truly a great app that turns your phone into a mobile TV.

Dash TV Set Top Box

For a one time setup fee of $99, you will receive 50 channels of TV for a year. All you need is your existing Wifi Internet service. We provide your new Dash TV Set Top Box free of charge.

The crux of MyTVToGo is our ability to take your pertinent content and make it available to one or many people simultaneously, either on a pre-scheduled basis or on demand.

We can leverage networking technologies to make this content accessible at your desktop, smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime! The content can be for advertising, distributing your corporate message(s), providing way-finding to give directions in a facility, teaching, displaying meeting and room scheduling, and a myriad of other applications.


IPTV (Internet Protocol Tele-Vision) is a methodology to distribute multiple “channels” of content simultaneously across an internal computer network you control. Envision your organization wanting to distribute different streams, training information, multiple internal presentations, publicly accessible or private television channels and more. We can provide this capability with IPTV.


MyTvToGo Inc. has become a premier destination for content producers, channels and businesses who want to distribute audio and video content to a large number of viewers. We are determined to be the best streaming service provider. We never stop upgrading our technology and making improvements to our network. We have a staff of highly skilled programmers who develop the software and features that set MyTvToGo Inc. apart from all other streaming providers.


MyTvToGo Inc. provides a state-of-the-art application development for iOS, Android, Roku, Smart TV's, Google TV and Kindle TV,  We can create your own unique app or have your content be made available on all MyTvToGo Inc. and iPoint Global apps.


MyTvToGo Inc. has developed countless streaming channels and applications across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, Google TV, and Smart TV. Our experience in bringing broadcasters to PC, Mac, mobile, OTT and IPTV devices is un-paralleled in the industry. We have been around for years, which is why broadcasters consistently choose us over the competition for our expertise and professionalism.


MyTvToGo Inc. has become a premier destination for master control operations. We can create and help you manage your own television network and make it available for broadcast and cable distribution. If you prefer, we can also create your own IPTV channel or multiple channels, both live and on-demand, and MyTvToGo Inc. can run it for you, eliminating the hassle of running a master control. You just provide the content and we will manage your network for you.

Need television shows, movies, or other long or short form video content? MyTvToGo Inc. is the place for you to get the necessary content you need to fill up your schedule. We have a number of genres and different types of content to satisfy your needs. Let us help you with revenue sharing content or produce exclusive movies and television shows for your network.


"MyTVToGo is a premier destination for content providers, television channels and businesses who want to distribute audio and video content to a large number of viewers.  We have developed streaming channels and applications across major platforms ,including iOS, Android, Roku, Google TV, and Smart TV's." - Colson Dash, CEO, MyTVToGo

P.O. Box 600, Tazewell, VA. 24651 • Toll-Free: (800) 319-4943 • 

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